Useful tips to select the best fresh produce

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March 15, 2016 by Ronda

If you visit a Philadelphia produce market, you may be absolutely overwhelmed by all of the amazing choices in fresh fruits and vegetables that are right in front of you. You can always find it rather difficult to be able to select the finest options in produce available; but hopefully, these tips can help you significantly.

If you want to purchase a nice avocado, look for one that has blackish dark green skin. This is an indication that the avocado is ripe. Pay close attention to the outside parts of any avocado, as well. Look for soft skin that’s completely devoid of any unsightly bruises.

When you’re shopping for cucumbers at a produce market, be on the lookout for those that are consistently green all over, firm and not too soft. Stay far, far away from any cucumbers that may be on the yellow side.


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